Immediately, one thinks of the radical feminist movement in association with abortion, egalitarianism and man-bashing in its most distorted and perverse sense. For we see, within this cry of victimhood, an assertion that women should properly have advantages never before heard, or even presumptuously assumed, by any human individual.

Most prominently is the cry for blameless, guiltless sexual promiscuity by demanding (and getting) free contraception and abortions from the government; for they want the same freedom as men to be promiscuous without guilt or blame. Their diabolical claim that every woman has a right to end her pregnancy by killing an unborn child so that they may not be inconvenienced by motherhood is, at least in the moral realm, the epitome of self-indulgence and the most fundamental attack on their own feminine nature. For they are teaching and being taught to take the yoke of their feminine nature off their back. Congratulations, for you have remade women into a bizarre creature that is neither male nor female but a concoction of both natures. There is nothing feminine left in Feminism and they have become undesirable to men just as men have become the target of their hatred and wrath. And many men who have heeded their example have become more effete (their manly traits replaced by the natural traits of women).

Why then, do we wonder why divorce is rampant, marriages are few and children unimportant to gaining happiness in this life? For men and women have been taught to discard the central joy of the married state: the formation of a nuclear family . . . mother, father, children. It is far more important that women have high paying jobs, that they do not cede the headship of the family to the man and that children only make women less than men by being obliged to (a conceived) servitude to one’s husband and child. Role reversals are a symptom of the movement worth noting.

Masculine and Feminine traits were once regarded quite rightly as complimentary traits inherent in each of the sexes.

Males were more aggressive, more competitive in physical play and sports, more likely to be disruptive and outspoken in social settings, and generally, following their natural trait to be the ‘more active’ of the sexes; traits which were suitable to certain tasks, especially roles which called for risk and perhaps self-sacrifice for God, family and country.

Women were naturally more passive, more controlled and did not seek to compete or destroy their opponents in play or role playing. They were less likely to be disruptive in social situations and their positive traits balanced the family in a way that complimented both spouses. Men, and their more brutish traits were tamed, as it were by love of the ‘gentler’ sex and the women were given courage from their spouses who actively fought against the trials in life while the men were more equipped (after marriage) to find ways to negotiate settlements rather than simply let might make right as their only answer to a conflict.

While the Radical Feminists divested themselves of their God-given nature they have inadvertently stripped themselves of that which is fundamentally attractive to men; their femininity. The same can be said of the men who were discouraged to act out as boys growing up or drugged in order to curtail their aggressiveness. The result is that men now produce less testosterone than men of the same age some 50 years ago. See the following:


Men have even gone so far as to emulate the natural biological trait of women by shaving their body hair while women have adopted more and more aggressive and masculine traits, tattooing and piercing their bodies and by adopting coarse language, often referred to as ‘locker room’ talk. In many marriages, destined to fail, the marriage is a competition between the wife and husband and not a manifestation of the ’two becoming one’ which balanced the family in a way that brought harmony to the family and especially provided positive role models for their children of both sexes . . . if they have children at all; for it is common these days for married couples to forego children as a desired component of their marriage.

What we are likely to see is that men are expected to meld the masculine and feminine traits within their own nature just as the feminists do. So in some sense men and women have expected to exhibit the same traits as one another; egalitarianism which has crossed the bounds of nature itself and is purely some rational social experiment to achieve parity of the sexes. It does not work because men and women are biologically different with traits which are naturally different due to their sex. In its most fundamental way it is the attraction of opposites which is being compromised and therefore why marry someone who is essentially a mirror image of yourself? I believe that the rise in homosexuality and its acceptance by the world is largely due to the fact that men and women have reached a point where they almost have as much in common with one another as men and men and women and women. It is a perverse reversal in nature and it can only make the individuals more psychologically confused and psychotic by repressing their natural, God given differences in the natural realm of things. They are operating essentially outside of nature.

It was and is being accomplished by more exposure to what was once repulsive to either sex to the point where they have become conditioned to lose their natural “eww factor” associated with such perversity. It is bolstered by politicians, movies, books and the media in such a way that many men and women have lost their way and left in confusion . . . which often leads to failure, drug use and in the extreme, suicide at an unprecedented rate.

Another almost imperceptible aspect of radical feminism is that it is only one more expression of the classical sin of Liberalism; where its twin ruling principles are ‘private judgment’ and ‘liberty of conscience’ which is centered on a generalized rejection of God and a supernaturally instilled order of not only the sexes  but of the universe which governs society and the family. More on that here:


How to fight this social experiment of Liberalism is a difficulty that we have not been able to get our arms around. I would suggest that God and morality must be reintroduced in the classroom, sex education should be eliminated as a means to indoctrinate our children into perverse sexual experiences, and the reinstitution of corporal punishment; both in schools and within our families. When I grew up corporal punishment in school was needed at times and few children were ‘abused’ by this practice . . . in fact I find that more children are abused today in physical, moral and spiritual ways than anything that ever happened during my school days. Courses in logic should be taught throughout our childhood both in school and without. What passes for rational thought these days is about as nonsensical as those who think they can “pick up a turd by the clean end” as the old saying goes. An upside down world is something that we have not seen to this extent and to once again teach that white is white, black is black and good is good and bad is bad is today revolutionary thought. Hopefully, with our societal implosion, some of our ill-thought practices will be swept aside in the dumpster where they belong. And lastly, we need to quit drugging our kids simply for being who they are and lose this distorted view of egalitarianism of the sexes (especially equality of outcomes). Both men and women are now far more likely to harbor anxiety and depression and its time to get ourselves in tune with what God instilled within our separate natures. Then perhaps marriages will last and children will have two biological parents and our children will quit killing themselves.

What are your thoughts?