I wrote this yesterday for AATW but published it at News for Catholics due to the publication of Philip’s piece. So here it is.


Is this how the Vatican II Church responded or the FrancisChurch responds today? If not, why not? I think it is the Modernist thinking that has infested the Church and has now manifested itself as The New Way as a welcome departure from the Faith which was known for good reason as The Way.

In so many documents from Vatican II and the post Vatican II documents we see instructions given which are usually followed up with a list of exceptions. It is like saying you cannot do this or you must do that followed by a sentence or paragraph starting with words such as,  ‘however’, ‘under these specific conditions’ or ‘but’ Nothing, it seems is simply yes or no. It is always a maybe. And Amoris Laetitia has its footnotes which add the ‘maybe’ dimension to any Truth that we may have commonly understood (incorrectly, no doubt).

Contrast these things with the simple yes (I believe) of the Credo or the simple no (Thou shalt not) of the 10 Commandments. Even these, along with the other Objective Truths taught by the Catholic Faith, have now come under attack. The answer seems to be ‘maybe’ if that is what our conscience tells us. Of course, this comes after suitable ‘discernment’ and ‘accompaniment’ has exhausted all other answers. You are free to act as God and/or Church in prescribing your own set of laws as there are no objective laws so rigid that they can be applied to all of humanity for all time. The serpent, it seems was right; you will become as gods and you are free to interpret the law as you please or exempt yourself from it. Gods have that freedom, of course, and now you do as well.

Everything can be ’tweaked’ today to fit the person or the situation (situation ethics?). If we don’t like the answer of the Church we can find another theologian or pastor to explain how it is alright to come up with a meaning that is exactly opposite to the literal meaning of the Objective Laws of the Church. You can exonerate yourself of all shame or guilt if you try hard enough. You can find good reasons to abort your child, euthanize your parents, commit adultery, live a homosexual lifestyle, change your gender, receive Communion (in the hand standing, of course) without confessing your sins; for you are without sin if you have discerned that that is the case. Besides, Fr. Billy Bob has told you that it is OK to use contraception if you like, live in adultery, or fornicate outside of marriage. All other sins follow suit. Simply decide that any given sin is not sinful for you and does not apply to your specific (therefore, special) situation and you are good to go.

Gone are the days when the voice of the Church was heard from the mouth of every bishop and priest and especially the Pope. Even if they did not live the Truth at least they taught it in concert with one voice. Gone are the days when our practice reflected our theological Truths. Now the practices not only differ from country to country, diocese to diocese but parish to parish as well.

Professor Taylor Marshall reported today that he had a vision last night about the state of the Church which can be found here.

Whether or not one accepts this as true is insignificant in what meaning was ascribed to it by Prof. Marshall. My response to his vision was a bit more critical and specific than the explanation given by him:

“I have no reason to dispute Taylor Marshall or his visionary experience. What always comes into question in these things is the ‘interpretation’ of said visions. My own thoughts as he was reiterating the vision was that Mother Church is writhing in pain due to the fact that something has made her sick, or bed-ridden, unable to go to Her children. Her love for Her children is being frustrated by the works of satan and His lies. And what could that be other than the willful action of leaders, educators, priests, bishops and theologians, that have poisoned our minds to think of ourselves as our own God as we go about our lives . . . living outside the Traditional Teachings of the Church and trusting our own consciences? We deny the Real Presence, the teachings on contraception, the teachings on adultery, on sodomy, same sex marriage and recently, abortion and euthanasia for the old and suffering. We have a Pope who claims all go to heaven or in the worst case our souls are annihilated . . . so no fear of hell at all. Confession is rarely used and Our Mass is a closed in circle which makes the Mass about us though Mother Church always had us face the Lord; not ourselves. We treat the Blessed Sacrament as a symbol instead of a supernatural Grace of receiving God into our hearts and have no problem receiving this ‘mere symbol’ in an objective state of mortal sin. Her objective Truths and Sacraments remain though they are not taught but rather shunned. In their place we have been given the equivalent of baby formula rather than the Living Milk of the Church: a man-made, liturgy, with novel man-made practices that seem to make of the Timeless Truths simply one of many passing customs, completely obsolete and not fit for the modern world. We have become as Gods and we make decisions based on that rather than going to Mother Church and drinking from Her Fount of Truth which still wants to feed us. Who are those who are trying to keep Her bed-ridden, who are depriving us of the nourishment She wants to give us? I think we know and I think these diabolical narcissists who have infested the Church need to be expunged and driven off. They are the nanny’s that give us poison rather than food. Get them out of the way and Mother Church will supply us with all our needs. Indeed His conclusion that there is nothing wrong with Christ’s Church is true. It’s just that we are being led further and further away from Her and pointed to a Church without Christ and with symbolic sacraments rather than the vital means for our salvation.”

I only bring this up because Mother Church is ‘sick’ and ‘bed-ridden’ by any objective standard. When we accept nuanced explanations for truth and exonerate ourselves as we please and thereby cut ourselves off from the Traditional and Constant Teachings of Mother Church we have effectively locked Her in a room and kept Her from tending to Her Children. Perhaps, when we get rid of the indecisive obscurantists who lead the Church of God and replace them with those whose yes means yes and no means no then we will once again find ourselves on the road to recovery and Christ’s Church might once again be the light on the hill that beckons us all to come to Her, partake of Her Salvific Grace and Save our Souls.