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Well it has been some matter of weeks since I posted that article here on the AATW website. Since that time he has made efforts to get an answer as to why he was dismissed from the prepratory year at the Institute of Christ the King without getting any reply at all. My thought is that the real reason is simply a question of money, insurance etc. which they fear may impact them financially if they keep someone within the Institute who has been diagnosed in his childhood with Aspergers.

This young man, however, is not to be dissuaded from his calling to the Tradtitional Catholic Priesthood. He arranged a visit to Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary in Nebraska (pictured above) where he spent 4 days living the life of a seminarian and getting a feel for the life of the FSSP (the Priestly Fratermity of St. Peter) seminarian. He fell in love with the Fraternity, the  people and the beautiful surroundings of the area and is now filling out the necessary paperwork to apply for entrance beginning next year.

So let us not forget to keep praying for him that he might find admittance and successfully complete the seven years of formation that are required of these wonderful men.  Our prayers seem to have opened up a new avenue for this young man and now it is my hope that our prayers will see him through to a glorious end.

Thanks so much. St. Peter pray for us and for this young aspirant to your Priestly Fraternity.

Source: http://newsforcatholics.info/2017/11/25/thank-prayers-friend-aspirant-traditional-catholic-priesthood/