Yesterday I posted a blog on Father Timothy Radcliffe’s profound little book on the Stations of the Cross.  I was somewhat taken-a-back when a link was posted of which this is the content.

“ROME, May 19, 2015 ( — Pope Francis has appointed radically liberal, pro-homosexual Dominican Father Timothy Radcliffe as a consultor for the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace.

The Holy Father made the appointment on Saturday, according to Vatican Radio.Father Radcliffe, an Englishman, author and speaker, was Master of the Dominican order from 1992 to 2001, and is an outspoken proponent of homosexuality.

“We must accompany [gay people] as they discern what this means, letting our images be stretched open,” he said in a 2006 religious education lecture in Los Angeles. “This means watching ‘Brokeback Mountain,’ reading gay novels, living with our gay friends and listening with them as they listen to the Lord.” ( Father Timothy.)

Not being a Roman Catholic or in touch with Vatican news sources I was unaware of this appointment by Pope Francis.  I’m not shocked or upset.  I have seen the film Brokeback Mountain and read a few gay novels, “Maurice,” a novel by E. M. Forster is one that comes to mind.  It’s a tale of same-sex love in early 20th-century England, it follows Maurice Hall from his schooldays, through university and beyond.  I’ve read most of E. M. Forster’s books. A Passage to India is possibly his best and most popular.

Pope Francis must have good reason for making this appointment. He is painfully aware of the human condition.  The review of his book “The Name of God is Mercy by the Telegraph Newspaper is very favourable and the Telegraph doesn’t spare any punches.

“Francis offers the most vivid glimpse yet of his thinking on the struggles facing the Church in the 21st Century (Sunday Telegraph)

I had already encountered the following two quotes by Pope Francis and therefore his appointment of Fr Timothy is a logical outcome.

“I prefer a church which is bruised, hurting and dirty because it has been out on the streets, rather than a church which is unhealthy from being confined and from clinging to its own security.”(Little Book of Wisdom)

If someone is gay and he searches for the Lord and has good will, who am I to judge? We shouldn’t marginalise people for this. They must be integrated into society. The last I heard on the BBC  News coverage.

Whatever one feels about the “gay dimension” it’s of little use going at it with a sledge hammer.


We need to Listen to what gay men and women are saying. This is where Pope Francis excels. He is a wonderful listener and hears the pain that may mask itself in Gay Pride Marches and other outrageous manifestations of gay life.

Together with the Jews, Adolf Hitler sent homosexuals, gypsies and the mentally ill to the Gas Chambers.

I don’t suppose many posters on this forum will agree with me, but on reading through yesterday’s comments I felt it necessary to make some kind of response.


Icon of Loving Tenderness. 

For anyone who has lost heir mother at an early age, this icon has much significance. Cradled in the arms of the Mother of God we can survive almost anything, and that inludes death.


Harrowing of Hell.

I’ve added these two icons in retrospect after all the comments and my own witness.