If I were a wise man,
I would do my part.
Yet what I can I give him?
Give my heart!

I recently saw a profound presentation on the meaning of the Gospel and how that deep meaning is being obscured and corrupted by our modern, western culture.



I do not want you to be put off by the inflammatory title of this video. It is meant to get your attention, not to bruise your spirit. One could equally insert “the West” in place of America, or retitle the piece as “A Critique of the Prosperity Gospel”.

As the end of the age intensifies, we will all need to decide where our loyalties lie and what our priorities are. We see this already in the Middle East, but it is not yet certain how each of our own Western countries will act. Matthew 24 and Daniel 11 seem to indicate that there are nations that will oppose the Antichrist’s Empire, but, if true, that does not entail that those nations will be living in prosperity. The Gospel is the Christian’s first priority: in a poor economy, the Christian is not absolved of responsibility for the spread of Christ’s good news.

On a more personal note, this video has challenged me to think about my own view of my relationship with God. Years ago, at a home-group, we were discussing nature of love. I made the comment that I was concerned I loved God more for what He could do for me than for who He was in and of Himself. I still think about these things. My return to AATW after a self-imposed exile is not a sign that I have “arrived”. I am still working through a number of personal problems, and I thank you all for your sensitivity in respecting my privacy and “room  to manoeuver” in this matter.

However, this video, along with some other forms of grace, has given me some intellectual resources to cope with the apparent disjunction between this “vale of tears” and our foundational belief that God is love and that He loves us. Much has been shattered and tested, but the faith is still there, glimmering like a little candle, and we can rest in Christ’s own assurance that He will not snuff us out.