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Fitness trainer Tam Khan instagram image

Fitness trainer Tam Khan instagram image

In my post last week, I quoted Cranmer saying this:

All Muslims are exhorted to the greater jihad, to strive against the flesh and persevere in the purposes of Allah, but not all jihad is holy war. All Muslims are not Islamists, but Muslims are becoming terrorists. It is futile, patronising and dangerous to deny it. Islamists are extremists who kill the innocent; Muslims who are moderate and enlightened seek to worship in peace. Islam is not all about oppressing, torturing, murdering and slaughtering. It just seems like it.

The point that he, Chalcedon, and I are trying to make is simply that Moslems amongst us are, like we are, all different.

This morning I came across a Facebook post by Amir Khan, one of the top welterweight fighters in the world, and British by the way. His post exemplifies my point.



From the source link:

“Mr. Khan’s post was wildly popular; it got 148,000 likes and 126,000 shares. Wow, Facebook must love that sort of action!

Not exactly: Facebook responded by deleting Khan’s account. But it was restored after Facebook said the deletion was a “mistake.” “

Well, you can draw your own conclusions about that, I’ve certainly drawn mine.

But a whole lot of that often elusive thing, common sense, from a young British Moslem.

via Common Sense From a British Muslim