Jess has a habit of crying ‘conspiracy theory’ whenever she is confronted with facts with which she is uncomfortable or vociferously disagrees. So recently she has listed a few of my ‘conspiracy theories’ as though one might need to wear a tinfoil hat in order to not be taken in by my wild-eyed ideas. It is, of course, the ultimate put down and intended to be the discrediting of the individual and all that is said from then on.

But sadly, I have been around far too long to take such attacks as seriously as she wants. For if the list she provides (from memory): modernism, communism, freemasonry, alinsky-ites etc. are no longer relevant then why? I am with good company with the Popes before John XXIII. How many encyclicals were written by our Popes on these things (minus the Alinsky ones . . . as he was of the newer era of Montini, Pope Paul VI). Indeed, however, the future Pope Paul VI wished to meet Alinsky and Jacques Maritain arranged the meeting in Italy . . . a simple fact of which I cannot draw any immediate conclusion from. However, I can draw conclusions on the infiltration of the Alinsky movement into the Church from Stephanie Block’s in-depth investigations into the organizations affiliated to their Marxist founder. Her work was key in getting the USCCB to pull funding from the Campaign for Human Development and the reorganizing of that group under the name Catholic Campaign for Human Development. Sadly, the reorganization has not stopped their backing of liberal and immoral causes via third party transfers of money. But then, if you won’t read the material, you can dismiss it all day long.

Was the Church and her Popes mistaken then as to the clear and present danger that they saw in communism, modernism and freemasonry? Were they the original conspiracy theorists? Did Bella Dodd make things up as well and why would The Permanent Instruction of the Alta Vendita be published by both Pope Pius IX and Pope Leo XIII if they did not see this as an attack on the Church? Did the danger of communism, modernism and freemasonry all vanish mysteriously once Pope John XXIII was elected? It must have been the Oath against Modernism and the Leonine Prayers that ended the danger . . . or there was no danger because it was only a conspiracy theory by the Popes, Fatima, and the visions of Leo and of Don Bosco and many others. And so, I still hear the clarion call of these pre-Vatican II Popes to confront and fight these evils; these horrible conspiracy theories that should discredit me and them as well.

So I am an unashamed ‘conspiracy theorist’ (in the eyes of Jess) who is proud to stand with the likes of those great Popes, Dietrich and Alice von Hildebrand, Saint Pio and all who resisted these evils. Detente with evil is not a clear headed or especially good expression of the cardinal moral virtues: prudence, justice, fortitude and temperance. In fact let me add another to the list; feminism. I stand with Lady von Hildebrand (recipient of the highest award the Church can bestow on a layman: in her defense of femininity and womanhood and her assessment of the role of women in all arenas . . . and in the Church especially. Some may like to listen to her as her’s is a wisdom which is rapidly being lost in this world and to the Church: