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The term ‘anti Christ’ is Greek – anti being the Greek for ‘another’, or a ‘substitute’. We see plenty of those now. Anti Christ isn’t the term for the Man of Sin. But people use the word ‘anti ‘Christ for the reign of Satan. So , lets get away from using the term anti Christ.

Lets start with some background material.

Jesus spoke of Jacob’s trouble, a time never seen before, or that will be seen again. Let he who is on the roof top not come  into the house. Let he who is in the field not return home, but flee directly to the mountains. I don’t want to get too far off field, so suffice it to say the mountain is Petra, a place prepared in advance for the Jews to find sanctuary from the Man of Sin. During the holocaust , 1 out of 3 jews on the planet were killed. Scripture says that 2 out of 3 jews will be killed durning Jacob’s trouble. So in fact, it will be much worse than the holocaust. How do we know this pertains to the Jews? – because Jesus said that those in Jerusalem flee to the mountains…not those in Anaheim or Hollywood or Berlin or New York. But for the elect, those days will be shortened. Rev, cp 4 vs 1….the church is taken up. It doesn’t go thru the tribulation. How do we know? The church isn’t mentioned again until cp 18 or 19.

Now what signalled this event? The Man of Sin erects an idol, or statue, of someone, in the Holies of Holies. Graven images piss God off really bad, yet there are some who think they are wonderful. So, when you see the abomination that makes desolate stand where it ought not, head for the hills Jerusalem. This implies that, number 1…the temple has been rebuilt. Number 2…that we shall see the abomination in the Holy of Holies.  Now, how will we see the Holy of Holies…only the high priest goes in once or twice a year….no one else.

Any guesses?….TV. A camera in the Holy of Holies. Well, next item on the docket is the Man of Sin declares he is God. So, who is this Man of Sin?

Actually, the war between God and the Devil started in the garden of Eden.

Gen cp 3…The Seed of the Woman is a name for Christ…and the Seed of the Serpent is the name for the Man of Sin. He shall bruise his heel…so forth and so on.

The Idol Shepherd, is another description of the Man of Sin. The word Idol is used, not Idyl, as some think. We see shepherds today that are surrounded by idols, and they have their flocks on their knees before them. Idol Shepherd..Zech 11;16, 17

The Man of Sin is identifies as the Little Horn in Dan 7; 8,-11…..21;26   Dan 8; 9-12…2 3-25

The Man of Sin is described as the Prince that shall come. Dan 9; 26. This Prince is a descendant of the general that was in charge of sacking Jerusalem. So many think that he is going to be from Rome. But people forget that the Holy Roman Empire had a eastern leg, and this eastern leg outlived the western leg by a thousand years. Constantinople, where Constantine relocated to because of the  backbiting and political corruption that is the very nature of Rome.

The Willful King is another name for the Man of Sin, Dan 11; 36

The bible give a physical description of the Man of Sin.

Woe to the idle shepherd that leaveth the flock! the sword shall be upon his arm, and upon his right eye: his arm shall be clean dried up, and his right eye shall be utterly darkened…Zech 11;17 Its clear what it says. His arm, one of them, is lame from a wound, or is gone, and his right eye is blind from a wound. God is to be praised because he told us from the beginning what is to happen. Who is like unto god?

He is identified as the Assyrian in Ezek 31. Jews think he will be jewish, which is a very good guess, because they receive hi in his own name, whereas they didn’t receive Jesus who came in the name of the Lord.

The new test has many names for him that I wont get into, because, well, I think I have covered the most exact  descriptions of him.

Almost. He is also a great political leader, and a military leader and a financial genius. Now lets remember that we are dealing with two entities here….the Beast and his Image…these are two distinct entities, and Satan up on top make it a trinity which mimics the holy trinity. Satan up above as God,  The Beast as the Christ and the Image as the holy spirit. The unholy trinity.

Will this help anyone? Yes. For those readers who are left behind, now they have no excuse for   following the Man of Sin. If you do take his Mark, your salvation is gone. God leaves and takes his body, the church with him. No more easy salvation. To have salvation, one must die somehow, and the preferred method is beheading, according to scripture. God will come back when the jews have had enough and petition him to come back, after they realize their  BIG mistake in not accepting Him.

We see the stage being set now, with this Muslim rabble going around killing everyone, wars in every corner of the globe, political unrest everywhere, earthquakes, famines, floods. The people of the earth are becoming conditioned to looking for a man to help them. A few giant religious systems even now look at a man to be their guide.  The man of Sin wont have much problem with them. They will welcome him.