Whether it was the recent events in Paris, or Cologne, we see a worrying trend in which some of the agencies through which we receive our news follow official advice to play down what has happened. A forthright piece in Quadrant by Michael Connor contains a good description of what is going on. Boiled down to its essentials, our governing elite and some of the commentariat have so bought into their own benign version of multi-culturalism that when the facts seem to question it, they do not begin to check their assumptions, they question the facts. It seems as though the Mayor of Cologne first denied the facts, then suggested that it wasn’t too bad, and only when it became clear that the press would not play ball, admitted there had been many assaults on women. A woman who, in any other circumstances would have been proclaiming that when a woman says she has been raped, we should begin by believing her, in this case announced there would be new guidelines for women out in public. No one believes she would have said this had the offenders not been migrant refugee males; any German male even suggesting such a course of action in other circumstances would have been called upon to resign. Meanwhile a Guardian columnist wrote:

Young German women thankfully enjoy historically unprecedented economic and sexual freedom, with their expensive smartphones and their right to celebrate New Year’s Eve however they want. The same isn’t always true of young male migrants exchanging life under repressive regimes, where they may at least have enjoyed superiority over women, for scraping by at the bottom of Europe’s social and economic food chain. It is not madness to ask if this has anything to do with attacks that render confident, seemingly lucky young women humiliated and powerless.

It is not ‘madness’, but it is hard to imagine her writing thus had the assailants been young white working class men, who are also at the bottom of the packing order in this country.

That racists have sought to exploit this situation seems more important to come commentators than what happened to the women; it is as though there is one thing worse than rape, and that is racism and giving fuel to it. This ignores another salient fact – which is it is precisely this sort of denial of the facts which encourages many towards sympathising with the racists. This is something which some leftists ‘get’ in part, but they seem unable to admit what everyone else can see – which is that it is the scale and nature of the migration which has created the problem.

No one but a fool would believe that this was anything other than a small minority of men, but it would be equally foolish to ignore the link between what happened to the women in Cologne and elsewhere and the way in which young Arab men regard western women.

If our governments do not even admit what is happening, then there is no way in which they will be able to do anything to help calm the fears of the people – and if they cannot do that, then they are helping create the dangers they wish most to avert. There are reasons why, all over Europe, voters are turning to the extremes.