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Bishop Fulton Sheen once wrote that: ‘There are not more than 100 people in the world who truly hate the Catholic Church, but there are millions who hate what they perceive to be the Catholic Church.’ It is becoming clear this is the case with Bosco. As he begins to engage in dialogue it is clear he does not have the first idea what the Church teaches.

The other day he regaled us with the fact that his girl-friend (whom we wish a recovery from her various health issues) had told him that the nuns at her school had told her to worship Mary; it transpires they said no such thing, and that she, like him is making assumptions on what they both see and neither of them understand. Despite being told numerous times by the Catholics here that we do not worship Mary, and despite being helped by directions to places where this can be explained to him, he persists in repeating that we worship Mary; we don’t, and here, again, is a link for him and others as to why we don’t, and what we are doing when we pray to her. If Bosco wishes to challenge what is said here, he can do a post on it and give his reasons; it will be interesting to see if he does.

On his favourite subject, which is that he is ‘saved’ and others here are not, he again fails to understand what the Church teaches – as became clear from this rather confused comment:

Can one lose their salvation? Hmmmmmm. Im going to say that one can lose their salvation. I cant rule that out. As long as one is convicted about what they are doing wrong and repent, salvation is still there.. The born again are different that befor they were born again, so lots of things they used to do routinely, they don’t do, hopefully, as much. Some come around full circle.
Now, peple here bring up”working out your salvation with fear and trembling”. It doesn’t say building up salvation. One has to be saved in order to work it out. Yes, when one is born again, at that instant he is saved, totally.100% There is no partial salvation.
My advice is….get saved, and then talk about it. That goes for me too.

No one here has ever used the phrase ‘building up your salvation’, so it clearly comes out of Bosco’s failure to understand what the Church teaches; equally, no one has ever talked about ‘partial salvation’. To judge from this, Bosco understands the Church to be teaching that we build up our salvation and we can be partially saved; it does not, never has and never will. In fact, what it does teach is not too far from Bosco’s confused understanding. The Church teaches that we are all redeemed by the Blood of the Lamb, but that we need to receive Christ in our hearts by faith with thanksgiving; the sacraments are the outward and visible signs of the inward quality that is Grace. But it teaches, as it has from the beginning, that once can fall from Grace and one can therefore lose the promise of salvation, which is why, like St Paul, it advises us to work out our salvation in fear and trembling. It would be interesting to know which parts of this Bosco contests.

Here is my challenge to Bosco. Write a post for us on what you think the Church teaches and where you think it is wrong. That will allow us to see what your understanding is and where it is. What is clear is that for a man who spends so long telling us the Church is wrong, he has not the first clue about what it teaches.

So, over to you Bosco, tell us what you understand the Church to teach and where it is wrong.