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We are back, I fear, to a discussion of Bosco’s presence here. A few weeks back he was out on moderation to see he kept on topic – and he did. But as Gareth Thomas has recently reminded us, Bosco managed to bombard the old Daily Telegraph comment columns with screed after screed – and bored everyone. I don’t think Bosco sees this, so let me try to explain it.

When we argue we do so with a purpose, and in a place like this, it is to persuade someone of our point of view. Bosco does this in a fashion designed to defeat his own object. He repeats patent nonsense, such as ‘Catholics worship Mary’. Failing to find a single authoritative Catholic document, he resorts to telling us that his girl friend, an ex-Catholic, was taught that by nuns. There’s no answering such nonsense. If she was told that, she was told a lie, but maybe, like Bosco, she misunderstands? Either way, the fact remains, Catholics do not worship anyone but God, and Bosco has, in the three and a half years this blog has been running, failed to make good his claim. That being so, the topic is now dead, and anything more from Bosco on this theme will be moderated out of the blog. Bosco, we have heard it all before, and you have no argument, and have failed to show you do: enough is enough.

The same is true on what might be called the Jack Chick front. Bosco, who once, I think, denied knowing of the Chick tracts, clearly does know of them and uses them to inform the nonsense he posts. Enough, no one save Bosco comes here to read that sort of rubbish. So again, we come to the end of the road Bosco. If you have an actual argument with evidence to advance, please feel free to do so. If you simply want to slander my family – and the Church is that – you have your own blog, and anyone who wants that sort of thing can get it there.

The devil exists. He knows who his main enemy is, and he attacks the Church ceaselessly. Bosco has trouble with this line of argument, and one can see why, as he spends all his time attacking the Church too. No one, save Bosco and a few like him, imagines that the Church here on earth can be any purer and more spotless than the people who make it up, and his other critique – “look the Church has sinners in it” is no argument at all. Yes, it does, and so does every organisation – even one of those chosen by Jesus was a traitor.

You do not make an argument by repeating yourself, especially not be repeating things which you cannot prove. Bosco has had a good run. But we are at the end of the road now. If Bosco wants to mount some serious arguments, all well and good, but if he simply wishes to become the blog parrot and repeat ad nauseam the old nonsense, that will be moderated out.

My apologies to our readers and writers, I have endeavoured not to come to this place, but enough is enough. As Neo commented earlier, Bosco has not made a new obervation in the last three years. Unless it is felt that I am being unduly harsh, I propose that any repeat by Bosco of lines already well-rehearsed, will find themselves in the trash. Fresh comments and posts from you, Bosco, are always welcome, but enough is enough.