maxresdefaultThe protestant world has mainly the Baptists and the Methodists, and, Congregationalists. They are identical. You come in, sit down, sing a few wonderful praise hymns, the pastor talks about something, possibly a few words of scripture and you go home. No agenda, no lawyers for their religion. No great swelling claims about their org.

Jehovas tell the story of the virgin birth, the life and death of jesus, but there is this little bit they add. One being…Jesus was a created being, a brother to Satan, and of course, one has to be a member of their group to get salvation. 95% good food, 5% poison. Mormons tell the story of salvation, but they have what they call….another gospel of jesus Christ. heck, even their name means they are the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Well, that says it all. One must be a member to get salvation. Magic underwear extra, tax not included.

The Marys…they have the story of salvation, the creation, the water to wine, the resurrection. But one must be subject to them for salvation. Plus they have their own gospel and volumes of canons, enough to stretch to the moon and back. 95% good food…5 % poison.

Rats are very smart and have unbelievable sense of smell. They wont eat anything suspect. That’s why we mix 95 % good food with 5% poison, so that they go on and eat it. But they die after eating it. Its done on purpose, to trick the animal into eating it. Rat POISON.

Jesus stands at the door and knocks. Open and he will come in and sup with you.