Hello folks. I like this article so much I thought I’d use the WordPress ‘reblog’ function to see if it replicates across. I’ve also invited to join people here another refugee back from the Damian Thompson blog days at the Daily Telegraph. He was ‘English Catholic’ back then, but goes by another name now ‘Non Angelus’. Hope he makes himself known soon!

Just a few weeks ago, on the feast of St. Ignatius of Loyola, I left my career as a professional counselor in private group practice. The practice I created in Denver, Colorado will continue its mission under the very capable hands of a man dear to my heart, Dr. Jim Langley. Its mission to change today’s culture through clinical practice and education that is founded in a fully Catholic view of its clients, and to help clients realize the full dignity of the human person, including themselves, will indeed live on. I wouldn’t have left it any other way.

As I sit back and take some pensive moments for myself, I realize that I have learned so much working as a Catholic therapist and owning a Catholic business. Today, I would like to share the top 17 things I learned as a Catholic psychotherapist.

Why 17? Well, it first started…

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