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men and women

In politics, education and in the media we are all too familiar with the incessant cries of sexism which is described to us in the rather silly phrase, ‘a war on women.’ We as a people have bought into this lie and are now paying the consequences: contraception; abortion now being considered  ‘women’s health issues’ is only one example of a tragic consequence of this perceived victim mentality.  If you disagree with this conventional wisdom, then you are a misogynist. The fallacy with this entire radical feminist movement is that what truly transpired was that these socio-political groups, self-described as feminists, declared war on men: and more specifically, straight men. For this was only their first foray into their ultimate goal to neuter all men, create a culture of egalitarianism between men, women, gays and transgendered individuals and thereby destroy the prevailing culture and the traditional family in its wake. They have, to a large extent, won this war.

We have no equivalent groups who are radicalized and marching for men’s rights trying to reclaim their proper role in society.  Of course then there are the children who now become sexualized and confused by required sex education classes within their schools; often before they have reached puberty. These children and especially boys are now often confused as to their own sexual identity. Everything manly or typically masculine has been removed or eroded to the point that it is no longer valued by society and the children being brought up in this society.

Today we find that men are afraid to act like men and discover that men no longer have any special roles in society unless it is to simply be a sperm donor . . . and even technology may eventually solve that problem by the use of invitro fertilization and sperm banks. Presently, men are not needed for much else. Our kids can’t play with toy guns, play cowboys and indians, play war games or games where they can imitate the heroic or typically masculine roles of men of old. Male heros have all but disappeared. Yes, positive male role models are gone: for we do not want to place children into a gender box where they must feel like they should grow up to aspire to be masculine. Nor do we want them to admire sports or war figures and the like. It is OK to be effeminate in this transformed society and it seems that it might actually be preferred in many circles. Of course the political correctness of the anti-gun and anti-violence lobbies determined that most ‘boy’ activities make future men brutes and misogynists. So what are little boys to do? They no longer seem to have a role in society or an outlet for their imaginations (rapidly being replaced by violent video games) or their boundless energy.

Boy scouts are soon to allow gay scout leaders, already admitting gay scouts and transgendered children (probably merely confused due to their social indoctrination) further confuses what used to be a masculine training ground for moral, and honorable behavior. These young men leave school after a rather dull and empty social life without a clue as to what they might want to aspire. Where do they find their identity in this world? Rock stars, who are openly gay or transgendered, are looked upon as cool (the new idols of our youth) while experimentation in sexuality is and was actually encouraged in their education. Any sign of testosterone is to be shunned: hairless bodies seem to be the rage and regularly go for body waxings. Boys and young men are clueless about manhood and what it might mean to be a man. Moms don’t stay home anymore, the family does not vacation together anymore and they rarely eat regular meals together. Both mom and dad, after all, have their careers to worry about. And the children have lost their understanding of what a family is and what the relationships should be between mother and father, sister and brother, parent and child. The feminists and social architects celebrate and claim that “it is good.”

Manhood may have been somewhat redefined as one who can get the most money or the most power and we are seeing an increase in violent and unscrupulous behavior, mostly by men (an indication of their frustration and confusion perhaps). Is there any wonder why young people are committing suicide at an unprecedented rate? Or why the population as a whole has been medicated for anxiety and depression while the use of alcohol and drugs has skyrocketed among them as well? And the feminists smile and say that “it is good.”

But the radical feminists were not satisfied with the devastating consequences in our social fabric and the neutering of our boys and young men in this secular society; for they also had their sights on the military and Churches who, according to them, also needed to be transformed in lock step with their recent victories and social experiments which transformed our society into a new and more inclusive and politically correct culture . . . all according to a vision, entirely their own, and not being sought by anyone else. And the social experimenters declared: “it is good.”

So women were admitted to the military and placed on the battlefields with the men. They were no longer the nurses and medical personnel, who lived apart from the men, and who tended to our wounded troops fighting on the front lines. As soon as female combat fighters was achieved, gays were admitted to the service to fight and live side by side with straight men and soon they will be joined by their transgendered counterparts. The military is now another social experiment and the morale is low. I wonder how that attracts straight men to serve their country? It will only appeal to those persons who are looking for a decent job with good medical (be wary of the VA) and retirement benefits. And the elites said: “It is good.”

In the Church we began with women lectors and extraordinary ministers of the eucharist; for the feminists were on a roll and every vestige of ‘men only’ tasks and duties must be thoroughly eliminated. Usherettes were introduced as were women lectors, altar servers and, of course, the big battle, already lost in most Protestant churches, was for women priests and bishops: of course the accompanying gay and transgendered persons will be on the menu in the very near future if it is not already so. And our new political correct culture said: “It is very good.”

What does it all mean and where will this take us? It seems right out of the playbook of Engels who laid this all out in the nineteenth century which can’t be that good. All I know is I am tired of hearing the all too familiar ‘war on women’ rebuke being tossed about primarily by the liberals and progressives and am ready to start hearing someone with the nerve to call it what it truly is: a war on men and a war on the family. God help us from faint-hearted leaders and politically correct stooges because “it is bad; it is very bad.”