Yes, I’m coming out of the closet. I am actually a Chinese man trapped in a white caucasian body. This is a genetic mixup and though objectively I may look white to those who meet me, I am actually an oriental man struggling with my identity by some unknown genetic mixup.

Nobody knows how devastating it is for me to suffer this malady and I demand the same rights as Bruce Jenner, Bradley Manning and others to have the necessary operations and treatments that are necessary to alleviate this condition and return me to my proper role, stolen from me at birth. Hang the cost and don’t try to use common sense about this either. For only I who am experiencing this malady is qualified to comment upon it. Why else would I crave egg rolls?

But I am not selfish. I am also on a quest to shine the light on other injustices within our society as well. This brings me to the condition of Trans-Personism.


Do you know how many of our brothers and sisters have been locked away in psychiatric wards simply because they suffer from trans-personism? Yes, many thousands who think they are Santa, Joan of Arc, Jesus, Hitler, Satan, the Easter Bunny, and Elmer Fudd are wasting away while we do nothing to alleviate their suffering and pain. It is cruel and unusual punishment and we should end this incarceration as soon as possible. If they know deep inside that they are one of these other people it is not their fault that they were born looking nothing like them; it is a freak of nature after all. Again, it is our duty and it is their right that they get the medical aid and treatments necessary to transform them into the persons that they know they truly are. Incarceration of such people is inhumane to say the least.

And what about those people who suffer from Trans-Specieism?


This is the awful situation that we see at many of the piercing shops where these poor souls are spending all of their own money to transform themselves into aliens from another planet, crocodiles, wolves or vampires and so forth. Imagine their depression having been born into a human body when deep down they are certain that this is not who they really are. Enough said . . . I think you get my point. We owe it to these poor unfortunates to find happiness in their life so that they too can find fulfillment for the true person that resides inside and struggles with their identity.

I know of what they suffer. Recently a wolf in a man’s body was arrested for heisting his leg on a fire hydrant in public and was subjected to great embarrassment and humiliation by being arrested. If they want such things to be done privately then every public restroom should be equipped with a fire hydrant or at least a nice sized tree or bush. Its a fundamental question of tolerance and accessibility for Pete’s sake.

We have made some good progress lately in our battle against intolerance but I hope that by this writing you will see that we have much more work to do before we become the tolerant nation that we aspire to be. Please support me in my effort to get out the word and make this world a better place for all of us. Let us end, once an for all, this prejudicial ignorance that still prevails in our society.