In the main this blog has steered away from the debate over evolution. There is no sophisticated reason for that. Neither Jessica nor myself are scientists, and I confess to never having found the subject one which impinged on my faith. But, of course, out there in the great fastness of the Internet, it is otherwise. In a recent post by NeoΒ on of our new commentators, No Man’s LandΒ raised the subject in discussion, and it has come up a few times. NML wrote rather an interesting piece on Evolution, a subject in which he has some expertise. It was long, as well as interesting, and will take up a few posts, but it seemed a good thing to invite him on board as an author to present his views.

So, over the next few days, we are in for a change in our normal diet, which in view of Bosco’s lapse back into repeating himself, may be no bad thing. I know that Bosco himself has a science background, so it may well be that he will find new areas in which to engage with us.

It is good to broaden the scope of what we do here, and from my own point of view, with a looming publisher’s deadline, it is probably as well, since much of my energies will have to be devoted to that for the next month. It may be one of the signs of getting old that a task which would once have taken days, now takes weeks. I shall not be vanishing, as I am the sole administrator on the site, but shall be dropping in less often than I would like, so I hope you will bear with me. For those of you wondering what I am doing, it is part of a history of the diocese of East Anglia, described by the its first bishop in the restored hierarchy as ‘the dead diocese’. I am beginning to see why he called it that, but no doubt bricks can be made without too much straw if need be.

Let us welcome our new contributor, and it will be interesting to see how it goes.