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Matthew 28:16-20

Chrysostom notes that even here, as we approach the Great Commission and the end of Matthew’s Gospel, the Evangelist is truthful in depicting where there was doubt; but again, even those who doubted were assured by what they saw.

Jerome points out that ‘all authority’ had been given to him who had hung on the tree having been mocked and tortured; God had made his name the name above all names. The Apostles are to baptise in the name of the Trinity. First with water, for the body is not able to receive the sacrament of baptism before the soul has received the truth of the faith. The name of the Trinity is the name of the One God in whom we believe.

Chrysostom comments that the Apostles had not yet received the Holy Spirit, so Jesus commissions them in his own name: they are to teach his precepts, and he will be with them to the end of time – that is a promise he makes to his church. He bids them look beyond the dangers that they will encounter, beyond the scorn of the princes of this world, and beyond the hostility of its powers and dominations, and reminds them of the age to come. What is suffered is suffered now, and for a while, what it to be enjoyed is eternal felicity. Having roused their spirits, Jesus sends them forth in his name to bring the world to the Trinity.

So, let is not fear, let us not fall away or say the task is too hard. We should repent whilst there is time; we should amend our lives now, for we do not know when our hour will come and our soul be required of us; and we should receive him, by faith, in our hearts with thanksgiving. And may the Holy and Most Blessed Trinity, bless us all, now and forevermore. Amen.

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