I hope that new readers and visitors will pardon a little piece of internal house-keeping, and, if they feel so inclined, let me have their view too.

Yesterday, Bosco wrote:

Good brother Jeff asked me to give it a rest. I will honor his request. Just for a little while. Do you have the guts to just ban me? Do you graven image cathols have the nards to ban me? Ban me and bow to your idols in peace.

There have been calls in some quarters for a long time to ban Bosco. His comments tend to repeat themselves more even than historians do. His themes are few and persistent: Catholics worship idols (though at times he says he does not say this, and at times he admits it); Catholics worship Mary, who is really Diana (he clearly has no concept of the goddess Diana); the Catholic Church is the great harlot in Revelation. Time and again, and with exemplary patience, it has been explained to him that none of these things is true, at which point he resorts to cut and paste jobs on the subject which obsesses him most, homosexuality.

One of our newer contributors, the excellent ginnyfree, recently put in a nutshell why these comments have been allowed:

He is a large challenge to my charity and I marvel at the patience you and others have shown him. He obviously relishes his ability to throw verbal stones all the day long at persons whose religion he thinks little of. It is as if he comes here just to make others mad. He is most definitely NOT here to grow in faith or understanding of God or to share a valid viewpoint. Yet, I do find some of the things he says useful in providing opportunities to speak the Truth in charity. I know he doesn’t desire to know it, but others may gain something from seeing his assertions challenged. That is a bonus and I’m sure he cringes when he actually furthers the ends of the Church in that regard.

The question I am asking now is whether the time has not come to say that whatever good can be done has been done, and continuing contributions of this type are beginning to do harm, not only in so far as they usually derail the comments by having nothing to do with the post, but also in giving casual readers the impression that this is an annexe of bedlam. As our long-term contributor, Servus Fidelis puts it:

I agree with the last statement. For Ginny, she is only making arguments against Wayne Griffin (a.k.a. Bosco) that every reader has made at some time or another these last 3 years. It is perhaps time to (if not totally ban) moderate his comments. If they are pertinent and are a new line of argument then nobody, I doubt, would mind very much.

Our other long-term contributor, and in many ways the keeper of Jessica’s flame of mission, Neo, who has, as I have, argued for tolerance, has recently commented:

I also note that I, like you and Jessica, have long championed letting Bosco run off at the mouth
But there comes a point where unsupported (and often untruthful) polemics have an adverse effect on our mission, and repeating them ad nauseum serves no point at all. I have noticed that when Bosco appears on a thread, he often dominates it to the detriment of whatever the topic was, since his comments are almost never on the topic of the post.
I also noted that he openly challenged you yesterday to ban him, well, we’ve known for years that that is his goal, for whatever perverted reason. I hate to give him the satisfaction, and yet, I begin to see it as a choice between Bosco and our mission, and as always the mission comes first.
All of that said, it is always a hard decision, to ban somebdy who clearly needs our help, if he is to save his soul but, as with chemotherapy sometimes we must damage the body to kill the cancer a bit quicker than we kill the body.
I think that perhaps the time has come. I note that Jessica says the same thing, although she is not reading, we both learned much about this from her, and I, like her, say do whatever you think is proper. I will support you in that decision, without qualm or question.
But I do wish he would shape up and think, he’s a smart guy and fully capapble of learning, and occasionally has worthwhile insights but if he can’t control his disruptive influences, I don’t see many choices left.

I have already suggested to Bosco that he should clean up his act and show us something of the Spirit he claims is within him. Perhaps devoting a whole post to him shows the time for censorship has come? I am inclined to that view, and at least to put him on moderation so that, if it is just the same old stuff, we forget it, but if he has, as he does from time to time, something worth hearing, that is allowed.

I should welcome your views – including those of Bosco himself.