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iStock 20492165 MD - American and Israeli flagsLike many Americans, I am an unabashed and vocal supporter of Israel.

Also like many Americans, I tend to equate support for the Palestinians with not only anti-Zionism but also with Anti Semitism. Is this fair? I doubt it but, it’s the common feeling in America.

The friendship here for Israel, is very much like the friendship for Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. We know we have a lot of allies, who will be with us, when it is in their interest. We feel much the same about them, we will support them in cases where we have given our word.

But those five countries above, they are more than allies, they are our friends, our buddies, that we will willingly run into a burning building for, and we suspect (with cause) that they will for us as well.

Whatever faults Blair had as Prime Minister, we pretty much fell in love with him after 9-11, with his steadfast support. There are those, and I’m occasionally one of them that refer to him as Uncle Tony.

We feel that way about Israel as well. We take pride in their successes and grieve in their losses. Note that this isn’t always, or even usually, a government to government thing, any more than it is with Britain, it’s a deep and abiding liking, and love for the people.

When the terrorists refer to Israel as ‘Little Satan’, we over here in ‘Great Satan’ take pride in it. That’s just how we see it. We know our friends, like us, make mistakes, and hope they don’t make many, but hey, they’re our buds, you know, we take care of each other.

And that’s one of the reasons, you get such a reaction from us when you have anti-Israel or pro Palestinian demonstrations, and especially when they take on an anti-Semitic tone.

But we judge through American eyes, and so maybe we’re unfair, because Europe is quite unlike us. Jonathon Bronitsky recently wrote in The Daily Caller about this. It’s a good article that you should read.

There are certainly people in Europe, particularly within the continent’s Muslim communities, who despise Jews and wish them harm, and they frequently display their noxious beliefs while pounding the pavement. But the intellectual and motivating facet of the pro-Palestinian, anti-Zionist, and BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) movements, at least as I witnessed it firsthand, was predominantly white, left-wing, and educated. The majority of Europeans who disparage Israel do so, not because they dislike Jews, but because Israel embodies and exudes principles they unequivocally reject as “enlightened” social-democratic multiculturalists: spirituality, individualism, and patriotism. If the character of Israel was not insulting enough, Europeans have becoming gradually aware that the European Union, their ambitious attempt to transcend the aforementioned principles, has resulted in their continent’s demise whereas the Jewish state’s embrace of them has yielded prosperity.

Elites, by virtue of their elevated positions, chiefly shape the conversation about Israel, in addition to other lofty matters, in Europe. By “elites,” I am referring to the self-proclaimed highbrows who have slogged away at, or will go on to slog away at, institutions like Chatham House, the United Nations, the BBC, and the European Parliament and have blathered at, or will go on to blather at, universities like Oxford, Cambridge, Erasmus, and École Normale Supérieure. As a postgraduate at the University of Cambridge, I had the opportunity to interact with — or, rather, was unable to escape from — throngs of them. Very few, if any of these elites, that is except for the occasional self-hating Jewish professor or student, were anti-Semitic. That being said, I was in England in 2012 during Operation “Pillar of Defense,” which involved the killing of Ahmed Jabari, chief of Hamas’ military wing, whenever the conversation turned to the Middle East, a torrent of vitriol was unleashed against Israeli society.

Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2014/08/19/europes-projection-problem/#ixzz3AwTaZjD6

And here’s the rub with that, those characteristics that the European elites so detest in Israel, are exactly the ones that we most admire, and not only in Israelis, they are also our core values. Which is why you’ve seen America bifurcate in the last half-dozen years. Your elites love Obama because he is one of them. Many of us detest him because of the same thing.

You see we, as Americans, rejected European elites long ago, that’s one of the main reasons that our ancestors came to America. After their horrible experience seventy years ago, so did Israel. We really are sisters, and we are the European elites worst nightmare. A pair of countries that are successful simply because we rejected them.

And yes, there is a warning to Britain in this. If you continue to follow your elites and drift more and more into Europe’s sway, inevitably you will begin to lose the friendship of the American people. We’ve been friends and allies now for an entire century, and we cooperated long before that but, we do not deviate from our core values, they are more important to who we are, than any friend is.

And so, at some point, you will have to choose between life with America and Israel, and death with Europe. It’s your choice.