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We have a terrible health crisis in the UK. It is one the media, usually ever-ready to hype any health story to the rafters, are ignoring. The law in the UK states that abortion may only occur when there is a risk to the mother’s health. Last year 99.84% of abortions took place for this reason. So, where’s the crisis? Well, if nearly all the 202,577 abortions carried out in Great Britain were because of health risks to the mother, we clearly have a lot of seriously ill young women; clearly worth the State paying 98% of the cost to avert this health crisis, especially, so it seems, among 22 year old women, who are clearly now finding the state of pregnancy especially dangerous (this is the age group where most abortions are carried out). It seems that more than a third of women have such serious health problems that they have to have more than one abortion. You’d think that the media would in uproar. At the very least, shouldn’t they be asking why our contraceptive industry is so useless? Surely, after decades of compulsory ‘sex education’ (aka – make sure he/you wear a condom) we are not being told that people are ignoring the rules advice and endangering their health in this manner?

Dr Tim Stanley suggests that abortion is being used as contraception, so what a good job he is male, white, single and a Catholic, so he can be abused on Twitter and we can ignore his argument and its implications. If there is lower pond life than the scum floating on the surface below his column, I’d rather not know. There are, it seems, lots of people out there who really think it is fine that more than 200,000 babies were aborted last year; let us leave out the sheer breath-taking stupidity of the dolt who commented about spontaneous abortions, asking why pro-lifers did not protest about these – anyone that pig-thick should be left alone, as well as the usual fools who go on about a woman’s rights and ignore the fact that most of the terminations are of women who will never have the basic right to life, and let us just ask how we have reached such a pass?

The priests of Baal would stand in awe at our ‘achievement’; I stand head bowed at it. Perhaps I feel this especially strongly because I am unable to conceive naturally (and won’t go down the ‘artificial’ route), but I know there are many others who share my horror at this situation. There’s no point mankind asking God why he hasn’t sent us the cure for cancer – he might have done, and we might have aborted that person. How much of the resource put into killing might, had it been put into curing or caring, have helped others to a better life?

Perhaps the only good thing to anticipate is that those who believe in this sort of thing are, literally, dying out and exterminating their own kind; those so worried about the population size of the planet might, perhaps, volunteer for post-natal abortions, to aid the process along; after all, if they succeed in their aim of giving everyone the ‘right to die’, should they not lead the way?

We place, it seems, no value on human life – save our own, to which we attach all too much value. Nothing must get in the way of our enjoying ourselves – and the sacrifices to Moloch must continue to we can go on our merry way to the lake of fire.