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A good friend of AATW, cumlazaro has commented, apropos my last post:

And Christians need to be worried that the government will be coming for our ‘homophobia and misogyny’ next

This is spot on. I get tired of being accused of ‘thin end of the wedge’ arguments; this is because there is a thin end of the wedge, and repeatedly it has been used by the liberal elites to slide something past the electorate which, had they admitted their real agenda, would have been thrown out. So, when they introduced the ‘civil partnerships’ bill, my argument was that whilst fine in itself, it would be used to change the nature of marriage. “Nonsense” I was told, “no, no, quite the opposite, it will settle the issue by giving homosexuals the same legal rights as heterosexuals”; and what happened? What I, and others said would, and what all the wise liberals pooh-poohed. The same was true with the whole issue of freedom of speech. I recall being accused of racism when I opposed the criminalising of so-called “hate speech”. Now it is a catch all for anything which your average Guardian reader finds offensive. As I recently told someone who told me she found something I had said ‘offensive’; that ‘is your problem, deal with it.’

Whatever some of the clever folk who contribute to this blog have written, the plain fact is that Scripture tells us homosexual activity is sinful. I believe that on the basis of Scripture. My own visceral distaste for buggery is neither here nor there; Scripture’s condemnation of it is. If it is, as I suspect it is, ‘hate speech’ to say so, well I dare say it, and if they come to feel my collar, so be it.

The really radical and ‘counter-cultural’ option nowadays is orthodox Christianity. Liberals are explaining it all away, God is love, he loves us all, even those robbing, raping and disobeying his laws? Really? Yes, of course He loves them, but He calls them to repent, and I am performing no act of love towards them by pretending that what they do when they sin is OK. This is not my personal opinion, if it were, it would have the same relativistic force (that is none) as anyone else’s; it is God’s Law. It is a matter of salvation. How shall I stand before my God and say that I was ashamed to confess Him in public because my defence of His laws might have been seen as ‘inappropriate’? (Was there ever a more weasel word?)

I am not saying everyone has to abide by God’s law, but I am warning of the consequences if they don’t; but I’d better not put up a poster in Norfolk saying that as they would come for me and threaten to prosecute me. It may simply be that we have to defend our position and let them prosecute us. Back in 1874 the Disraeli Government passed a very silly law ‘banning; what they called ‘ritualism’; banging up holy parson discredited the act in the eyes of the public and soon they stopped using it. We may have to go in the same direction. If so, bring it on. My ancestors were put in the stocks for denying the Anglican Church; the very least I can do is to follow their example.

British values? Mealy-mouthed conformism, weasel-words and hypocrisy. I reject the lot of them.