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Is this my colour?

Is this my colour?

There’s some stuff you couldn’t make up. In an era when the rest of the civilized world is all about open communications and transparency and getting the message out there, the Roman Catholic Church has once more shown an ability to shoot itself in the foot and wonder why it is limping.

Back when the Pope Emeritus wasn’t that and was coming to Britain, the usual ‘Gay’ and atheists rentagobs spoke loudly about their determination to arrest him, a Deacon in the North of England, Nick Donnelly, set up a blog, Protect the PopeIt did an effective job and has grown into a place where those who want to get an orthodox Catholic slant on things can go and find it. No doubt the members of the Vichy Regime Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales presided over by Marshal Petain Vincent Nichols found it a thorn in their sides, constantly being reminded of what you are not doing and ought to be doing must have been very tiresome, but as the Pope being protected agreed with Deacon Nick, the Vichyssoise  episcopacy could do nothing. But since Pope Rentaquote came to office with his unique method of spreading heresy by private phone call, Admiral Darlan the local bishop has been lent upon to close down the site decided to add a new meaning to the word voluntary by asking Deacon Nick to shut his cakehole  to desist from blogging. He’s now closed the thing down. Of course the Deacon could have said stuff you, but this being an orthodox Catholic thing means he has obeyed. Of course the bishop now has egg on his face and the collaborators ACTA tendency are rejoicing mightily. You can see the point really, There’s be no use telling off Catholics who blog about the need for women priests, lay control and gay marriage, as they don’t give a stuff for authority. Best concentrate on an orthodox Catholic.

So, Admiral Byng has been shot, and the rest of the orthodox blogosphere is quaking in its boots.  I don’t know if there are any barmy liberal blogs, or if they have any readership other than those needing hearing aids, but you don’t see bishops coming down on them, but then in the Catholic Church under rambling Pope Frank, anything goes – except orthodoxy and criticising the Vichy Regime laxity of Bishops. We can’t have bishops being criticised. You couldn’t make it up could you? Folk who want bishops to have virtually no authority rejoicing when they use it to close down free speech. Can you imagine what they’d be saying if the last Pope had closed down some looney-left Deacon?  There’d have been an editorial in the Bitter Pill, and their ex-correspondent in Rome would have been crying again.

I have no idea what the local bishop thinks he’s doing, but if he thinks this is going to stop folk thinking he’s trying to censor views he doesn’t like, he’s as wrong as he would be if he thinks it will stop orthodox lay Catholics calling him on it.

Oh but you have to love the irony of the wooly liberals using authoritarian methods to shut up opponents they can’t defeat in argument. I am sorry for my Catholic friends. But if anyone wonders why someone who has become sympathetic to Catholicism wouldn’t go into that Church, this is part of the answer. You can’t beat liberal for hypocrisy, but this one is special. Who protects the protector when the guardians of orthodoxy are the traitors at the gate?