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I recognise where this sort of language comes from:

Dont apologize to these hell bound idolaters. The unsaved religious need to know their religion is useless. They need to seek Jesus for salvation instead of a homosexual snake PIT FOR SALVATION. You did the right thing by posting that and you have my undying admiration. Dont let the cries of the blind devotees deter you my brother. They just dont like the light of thruth. They love dARkness because their deeds are done in the dark. Christ sacrifice wasnt good enough for catholics. They must pay in pergatory for their sins.What a antichrist wicked religion is that , which tells its devotees that they have to pay for their sin when Jesus pAID IN FULL FOR THEM.. No. I will never speak kindly of that graven image catholic church.

I leave Bosco’s typos in because they are an integral part of the tone of this type of message. He is not, and this is important to grasp, motivated by hatred of anyone – quite the opposite, as he says here:

Lets get something straight. Im anti catholic doctrine. I have nothing against the people. I even love the priest and Pope. They are all fellow humans. If i hated catholic people, may i die a thousand deaths. Do i advocate hitting catholics with bricks? I tell them to ask Jesus to show himself to them so i can see them again at the marriage of the Lamb. I want to see them saved. You see, i was on my way to hell once. i was no better than those idolater priests. hell is the same for everyone. Mary Baker Eddie, Ellen White, Mother Teresa, Joan of Ark, are going to the same hell. No matter if youre a kindly old lady that always did good, or you are good brother Hitler. Same hell. So now i warn others that they need to know Jesus. Seeing as how close i came to going to hell.

I know that is truly his motive – because it was once mine.

I grew up between Yorkshire and Belfast, and for various good reasons my father (whose sash I still have) left the Shankill during the Second World War and never went back to live; but I often spent summers and Christmases with the family there, and certainly imbibed the pure milk (no alcohol, please, we’re Rechabites) of the Orange order and therefore knew that all Catholics were dupes of a wicked clergy who were leading them from the Lord Jesus. As I grew older and saw some real ‘muscular’ Christianity in action, I’ll admit to wondering just how ‘saved’ my lot were; but it was, I was reassured, ‘tough love’.

Time and Grace played their part in educating me otherwise. The notion that believing in Christ and believing in a ‘religion’ were two different things was the first thing to go. I recall clearly explaining (as only a hot-headed young man of 16 can) why I had no time for the idea of the Trinity to my pastor, only to be told that I was a hell-bound heathen. So, we sat down, once he’d persuaded me that I should stop shouting at him (that is what we didn’t then call ‘discourse’), and he took me through the doctrine and whence it came. It was, he explained, there with the Bible, and if, as I claimed, I believed in it, then by what right did I deny the Trinity? Ah, but all I needed was that I knew Jesus; yes, said he, and Jesus is part of the Trinity, and if you don’t know that, you don’t know him as well as you think.

So there it was, there were other Christians, and there was stuff I didn’t know, even if I knew Jesus, stuff he wanted me to know, as that was why the Spirit-inspired Scriptures existed. It went through in the end. ‘Religion’ was nothing more than the context within which my own encounter with Jesus could be lived out, and where I could get rid of some of the odd ideas which popped into my fertile imagination – darn it, someone had already dealt with my problem of whether Jesus was human or divine.

It took more time, and the chance encounter with the first Catholic I ever knew well, to chip away at my other beliefs. Surely, and no one denies it, there was, and is, in the Catholic Church, a darkness in the hearts of some of its devotees; but would Satan bother if it was evil through and through? No, the Lord of this world would protect it if it were his cult.

None of this led me to join that Church, but it did teach me about humility and not assuming that because something was said about that Church which fitted my prejudices, it was true. I am, I think, close to Struans on some of this, and time was when I’d have posted that clip he did yesterday; not sure I’d have been big enough to apologise, though I hope I would have.

So, I understand you Bosco, but stop being a lazy ass and do some reading and learning – and then your criticisms may, one day, carry the weight of those of Struans and Rob. If that Catholic Church was what you say Bosco, Satan would protect it a darned sight better than he does – and you know that’s true.

When I was saved by the Blood of the Lamb, my sins were forgiven me, but Satan did not just abandon his assault on me, nor will he until I die. The Spirit leads us to the Truth if we will open our eyes, but Satan wars with us, fighting to drag us to hell. He hates Jesus and those who follow Him; it is his constant hope, his only hope, that he can drag us with him to hell. God is love, Satan is hate, and when we hate, we do his work. Let us turn from him and his works – let us be with the Lord God of Hosts.