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Last year in the UK there were 190,000 babies whose lives were deliberately ended; 96,000 of these mothers did not even see a doctor, although under the 1967 Act which made abortion legal, they need the signatures of two doctors. Even this was no enough for the abortionists:

Tracey McNeill, the director of Marie Stopes International, said: “It is entirely unnecessary for women to see a doctor.

“Nurses are often much better at dealing with the emotional and psychological needs of women.”

Which misses the point. Abortion was allowed by Parliament on grounds of health, and it is not usual for serious health matters to be left to nurses. Caroline Farrow has, as ever, something pertinent to say on this particular myth. However, Her Majesty’s Government is of the view that this is now a routine matter and can be left to nurses – or so new proposals suggest.

Thank God then for the Pope, who, for all the criticism he comes in for in the blogosphere, is attracting people back to the Church and who, only the other day spoke firmly and clearly on this topic:

It is horrific even to think that there are children, victims of abortion, who will never see the light of day  …Unfortunately, what is thrown away is not only food and dispensable objects, but often human beings themselves, who are discarded as unnecessary”

This appears to be especially the case with female babies, not least among our country’s ethnic minorities; but not even that is enough to make some feminists think. No, the ‘right to choose’ and to do what a woman wants with her ‘own body’ is sacrosanct, and so the holocaust continues.

I make no apology for using that emotive term, as 6.7 million abortions have been carried out in this country since 1967. These have not been, for the most part, for the serious health reasons proposed in the legislation; once ‘distress of the woman’ became enough to get the paperwork done, that opened the sluice-gates. World-wide, literally God alone knows the figures.

In the UK, unlike in the USA, this issue has never become a political hot-button one, but before thinking that a good thing, one might ask what that says about this country? It can lose 6.7 million people and pass by on the other side with no comment.

As in 1967, it is always the hard cases which are called in aid by the abortionists, but there were never 190,000 back street abortions, and anyone who believes there were that number of women whose lives were really at risk should ponder what is meant by that phrase. No one should pretend this is an easy issue – but where once the scandal of the back-street abortionist and the plight of women whose lives were genuinely in danger was the scandal, not it is the huge figure of abortions which takes place annually which ought to give rise to thought.

With David Attenborough and company going hell for leather with neo-Malthusianism – population growth will outstrip supply and we shall all die – we have reached the stage in the UK where children seem to be regarded as a curse, a nuisance, something which gets in the way of our ‘self-fulfilment’. The logic of killing infants in the womb in the prosperous and well-educated West, where goodness knows what scientific break-throughs might have come from some of the never-born, whilst population grows in less fortunate places escapes me, but the contraception-mongers are on to that one, although, thus far, they have not taken the logic of their own arguments to the obvious conclusion by doing away with themselves; although one ought not to make even black jokes about such things – if only for fear they will come true.

Perhaps when the liberal West has contracepted and aborted itself into extinction, those left can get on with living lives enriched by the joy of children, and in so doing, breed generations who will look back at the deliberate killing of so many babies in the womb with the horror we look back at slavery. Talking to a student recently, she asked ‘how could people have defended slavery and let it happen?” How, indeed? And the same question ought to be asked about so many abortions.

Whatever the shortcomings of the Catholic Church in some of the issues we have been discussing this week, on this one it bears a noble witness to the truths of the Gospel of Jesus Christ which tells us God is love, and that those who harm the ‘little ones’ would do better never to have been born themselves. May the Lord have mercy on the souls of all those babies never born, and on their mothers and fathers – and on our society.