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Have fun with Rob’s New Year Family Quiz: ask no why’s expect no reason.

Don’t try this quiz at home, or try it at your own risk of new-year’s family strife it’s up to you!

We had fun with our family of ten Bambam, Nanny, Benjamin (eldest son) & Nadine their girl Faith 5 yrs, Matthew (younger son) & Danielle with children Shaylem 10 yrs, Caleb 8 yrs and Esther 6 yrs.

From Faith to ‘Bambam’ that’s me, just about everyone gave different answers. If you wonder ‘Bambam’s’, the name assigned by my eldest grandchild when he began to speak which is now used universally even by our neighbors!

A TV program mentioned someone gave a man a drink from their bottle and then threw the bottle and the rest of the drink away. There was a racial difference and the man interpreted this as prejudice.

So what’s the quiz?

I considered whose glass I would drink from and decided to survey my family.

So whose glass would you share – plot a matrix of family relationships and research the results you will have fun.

Among our lot Caleb the 6 yrs was coy about answering, he did not want to offend me as mine was the only glass he would not drink from. Diarize New years resolution “clean teeth more regularly”!

Shaylem 10 yrs is very intelligent and just getting wise – would not drink from any of the other kids glasses but would drink from all the adults glasses except mine – Diarize “clean teeth MUCH more often”!!

My youngest son would only drink from His children’s glasses – wife, mum, dad, brother and sister in law were ruled out – what’s wrong with adults?

The survey also revealed that I must be a sacramentalist after all as I had my objections to several family members but realized that I will happily share a common cup with a multitude of strangers at communion.

My wife was the most liberal in libations, claiming she would drink from all glasses including the dogs, of which we have 7 and the cat’s dish, but would not drink from the snake’s dish – a new Christmas pet.  Perhaps she will get used to our snake or it may be a theological matter.

All responses are guaranteed to be genuine and accurate.

I do not necessarily expect you to divulge such intimate secrets of you own family – but  of course you may do so.

Happy New Year to you all

Rob (Bambam)