It is almost a year since Jessica invited me here, and it is something of a surprise to see that there are now just over 400 posts here with my name against them. Our hostess is a generous woman, she has extended the hospitality of her blog to many of us, and out of this myriad of different types of Christian, she has created a place where many of us feel at home enough to take off our armour, put down our swords and, if not beat them into ploughshares, then at least to think thrice before wielding them; there are plenty of places one can do that; not too many where we can do what we do here.

I don’t know if you read the comments, but I do, partly because Jessica once told me they are the parts of the blog where it is often at its best, and she was right, I’ve been reading some of the comments between Rob and Struans, and finding it them much with which I agree, but also a joy in what seems to me on both sides an enlightenment, a mutual illumination. I’ve been following Struans’ essays with particular interest, because until I came here, and indeed, I am ashamed to say, even when I first arrived here, I’d tended to use easy words like ‘liberal Anglican’ to dismiss what I must confess I’d spent little time studying; it was a case of if it seemed wrong, why investigate further. Well, thanks to him, I have, and whilst, if he doesn’t mind, I still find some of his positions a little unorthodox, I have a better idea of where they come from and can see, not always, how I was not understanding what he was trying to say. So I’m glad of his persistence – and his fellowship.

With Christians like Rob, I’ve much in common, but that couldn’t be said of Quiavideruntoculi, with whom I have shared many a sparring match here, but it saddens me that he is finding the new Pope such a trial, and whilst, ecclesiastically, he and I are almost as far apart as can be, I admire his honesty and respect him as an honourable Christian who tells it as he sees it; there is much in that from which we can all learn – for good and ill.

It is a matter of some regret that Fr Malcolm, who was posting here when I was first here, no longer does so, as, like many here, I found nothing but sheer joy in his writing, If he happens across these words, I hope he’ll feel inclined to post again; he’s much missed.

One of the joys here are the cartoons of Carl d’Agostino, and I’d just like to thank him for them – they add immeasurably to this place.

We are a mixed bunch, going all the way from ultra-traditional Catholic to ultra-traditional anti-Catholic, so to speak, and we include most parts of the spectrum of Christianity between those (perhaps closely-related?) points. Jessica very kindly thanked us in her post yesterday – well this is a chance to thank her. I know that he other commitments preclude her doing as much as she used to here, but want, on behalf of us al (if I can be so bold) to say a big thank you to Neo’s ‘Chatelaine’. I can truly say that without her, none of us would be here 🙂