I know that blogging awards divide people. Some find them a bit much and politely decline, but I am always very grateful, and so when Biltrix nominated AATW for this ‘Sunshine Award’, I said yes happily, not least because Biltrix is a blog I much admire, and the nomination from that source gave me particular pleasure.  What’s that, you don’t what a Biltrix is either? Well, if you looky here you will, and if you read the blog regularly, you, too, will be edified by it. Its four authors bring a formidable array of talent to the task of the new Evangelization, and if you haven’t followed them yet, you are in for the sort of treat which regular followers like me get on a daily basis.

Well, I have done the first two things which the award asks – that it to illustrate it in the post and link to the blogger who was kind enough to nominate you. Let’s look at the other three:

  1. Write 10 pieces of information about yourself.
  2. Nominate ten fellow bloggers “who positively and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere.”
  3. Leave a comment on the nominees’ blogs to tell them of the award.

I sometimes feel that it is these bits which help some bloggers say they don’t ‘do’ awards, and as I respect that, and those bloggers, I shan’t nominate them, however much they inspire me.  But let me get the 10 pieces of information about me out of the way:

  • I used to be a teacher
  • I still teach Sunday School & Catechetical classes
  • I work in University Administration (yes, I am the one!)
  • I come from South Wales
  • I am an Anglo-Catholic Anglican
  • I love the smell of incense
  • I have red hair (colour all my own)
  • I have a collection of icons
  • I started AATW in May 2012 as a vehicle for some reflections about our Faith
  • I am now ‘Chatelaine’ to nine lovely men who blog here and I think they are all wonderful

Some of the bloggers I would like to nominate, such as Changing skin and other stories already have it, so I can’t be the first to point you to such an excellent place for those who love good writing and interesting stories, well-told. But even so, narrowing it down to a mere 10 is hard work, but here goes:

Nebraskaenergyobserver – and I better declare an interest, as I look after it when Neo is away and add the occasional post, and Neo is my dearest friend, but hey, he’s the one who does the hard work and produces a great blog – so yes, let’s hear it for him 🙂

Enlarging the Heart – which I find a daily source of inspiration, as Mark produces gems from the Fathers which never fail to edify (he also does wonderful icons, which I love)

Lillie-Put – The blog of Pastor Joseph Elon Lillie, which is full of Christian inspiration, and a never-ending source of sheer joy – if you haven’t yet caught you with Joseph, please do, he’s wonderful.

Eclectic Orthodoxy – I don’t know whether Fr Aidan Kimel accepts awards, but if this is one way I can say thank you to him for so much spiritual wisdom and one of my favourite blogs, then I hope he’ll accept my thanks, if not the award.

Carpe Veritatem – which provides fascinating insights into the Catholic faith – and some of the best arguments you’ll read anywhere – learning lightly worn, but deep.

jcurtisblog – I am fascinated by the USA, and I love Jack’s ‘take’ on America and the passing scene – not least his politically incorrect slant – educative and interesting – and always something fresh to say.

Teilhard de Chardin – where William Ockham shares his own fascinating spiritual journey with us, and where he consistently shows how church labels simply divide where the Lord unites. A faithful Roman Catholic, his own faith journey has taken him to many places and he provides an insight into how our faith unites us all.

Reclaiming the Sacred – which is Isabella Rose’s journey to do what it says on the title page – that is to recover what is sacred and precious from the culture grown stale and old.  She is never less than challenging – and she writes like a dream. I don’t know she will accept an award – but it is a way of paying homage to her.

Renewed Hope – which is another Roman Catholic ‘revert’ helping those of us outside that Church understand so much more about it, full of really good information and edifying material put across with good humour and a marvellous sensitivity.

There are so many wonderful blogs that 10 hardly begins to do justice, and my blog-roll shows the many whom I follow and from whom I get so much; I have tried, here, to link to ones I have not given awards to before, and I hope others will understand.  But for my tenth, there can only be one, and it is one of the blogs I have followed for the longest time and a friend who has been a constant support to me –

Eccles and Bosco is saved – of which dear Bosco is not fond, but which provides, in the words of Bruvver Eccles, great ‘spiritaul nuorishment’ – as well as much fun.

So, there you go. But in accepting the award I have to, in best Hollywood style, thank all my fellow bloggers here – all of whom deserve it in their own right, and all of whim I am proud to have here.

So, thank you Blitrix – and those of you who continue to read AATW. I hope you will follow any of the above who are new to you; I love them all.