Judgement Day, Post-Millennial & Amillennial

Second Coming > Rapture & Resurrection > General Judgement > Eternity

Forgive me if I conflate things here, but this is probably my weakest area of expertise. As I’ve said before in my Millennial posts and comments, I struggle to see a real difference between the post-Millinnial and amilliennial positions. The previous positions listed in this Rapture series have all had the 70th Week in common and also to some extent Dispensationalism.

Here we get into different territory. This view, like the post-Trib one, puts the Resurrection and Rapture at around the same time as the Second Coming. But this category doesn’t share the view that the Second Coming is preceded by the 70th Week. It is my understanding that there are a variety of views under this larger umbrella. Some are expecting a literal 3.5 year period of persecution under the Antichrist just before Christ returns and resurrects the dead, while others expect Christ to return when the Church has subdued the earth, and disregard the Antichrist, thinking him to be Nero or some other historical figure.

For more information on this last category, I suggest asking people more familiar with Augustine and Catholic/Orthodox eschatology – e.g. Chalcedon451 and Servus Fidelis.

Well, folks, that concludes my Rapture series – I hope you enjoyed it 😛