MequiteThis lovely reflection is from a long-standing and dear friend of this blog, David Monier-Williams, and I want to thank him for allowing me to share it:

While I was meditating on the Rosary this morning, I looked out my kitchen/family room widow and noticed all the blossoms floating in the pool from the nearby . It reminded me of Purgatory.

The tree is the Tree of Life, we are the blossoms that live but briefly and then fall to the ground only to be carried away by the Landscaper who’ll put us in the landfill and be covered with the other refuse for eternity. Or for some few, carried by the wind, The Holy Spirit directly to Heaven. For the rest of us, a gust blows us into the purging pool of Purgatory. Here we will spend a certain time shedding our venial sins by going around and around this pool of purification in the ever changing water fed of The Holy Spirit and the prayers of the Church Triumphant and Militant. The lees are to be vacuumed up and disposed of. As you can see those souls who have completed this process await the Divine Presence at the doorway/flap which frequently opens for them. This while the rest of us flow in circles sometimes eddying in one spot a little longer to finally let go of maybe arrogance or maybe the need to be right. The pool empties awaiting the next gust of wind.

There is the monotonous droning sound of purification, though it lessens as we become even more desirous of our God, as we bust into a song of desire and love.

Note: I have added a link to a video from David.