Blood-spattered-mural-of-Jesus-in-EgyptTo read the media you’d think Christians shared its obsession with sex. The fact that it is one of the few things which catches the attention of those deficit disorder sufferers otherwise known as journalists (and if you find that offensive, stop reading now, there’s worse to come) leads them to impose their priorities on us and then accuse us of their obsession.

Christianity teaches we are all made in the image of God and that the body is the temple of the Hoy Spirit and that all human life is sacred; if folk grasp that then everything else becomes clear; if you add to it that we are a fallen race which likes its own sinful way, you’ve got the four edges of the jigsaw.

There is nothing in the Christian message which is in any way against the practice of making love, we simply insist you do that (and not ‘have sex’) with the person to whom you are married. There’s nothing too shocking to delicate sensibilities there. Yes, we all know that folk don’t always wait for marriage, just as we know they do other things which they ought not to – doesn’t make it right.

So, respect your future husband and wife, and when you’re married continue to do so. If you don’t want to get married, fine, and if you want to have promiscuous sex, well don’t try to claim it is somehow all right with Christ; it isn’t.

The same thing goes with this business which preoccupies journalists, homosexuality. It is quite simple. The Bible is against it. It may well be, as some folk claim, ‘natural’, well so is adultery, doesn’t make either of them right in the eyes of God. There’s no call to be nasty to homosexuals, they too are made in the image of God, and just because the sin towards which they incline is not the one towards which you incline, don’t throw stones; there but for the Grace of God, and all of that.

God made them man and woman, and that is what marriage has been for longer than anyone remembers. That’s it folks. The Government has the right to call black white if it gets a parliamentary majority, that’s its business; I, like every Christian who disagrees, have the right to say so without some idiot calling me a homophobe.

The Established Church in England appears to be ineffectual in promoting and defending Christian teaching, and it has had no influence on the Government except in so far as it won’t be forced to conduct gay marriages – though some of its vicars are going to do just that.

For whatever reason, as in Restoration England, this society is obsessed with sex. The Church is not. It simply teaches what Christianity has always taught. It is where it has always been. It is society which is wrong, and it doesn’t like to hear that. It is the job of Christians to tell it loud and clear – and to those Anglican and Catholic priests who connive at ‘gay masses’, what’s the point in your bishops if they let that happen?

Let us love one another, and when it comes to eros let us do it in a manner which respects the other – and ourselves