daniel_prayerThis is a topic that I never see touched on by religious sermons and preachers. I debated with myself on which topic to post on; biscuits or the 70th week. I chose the 70th week. We all know that Daniel was beloved of god and god showed him what was to come. The children of Israel were an idolatrous lot. The set up idols(statues) on mounds and high places and bowed and worshipped these gods of the peoples who inhabited the area before they got there. God had a running battle with them and idolatry. But the Hebrews justified idols with lots of fancy words and big talk.

The Holy Spirit puts up with a lot of stuff from mankind, but idolatry is the one that gets him going. So, because of this, God sent the Hebrews into exile to Babylon, for what was to be 70 years. This was shown to Daniel. But, as we know, the Hebrews were let go after 69 years. That leaves one year. But we call these weeks. 70 weeks. A week being 7 days. So, what happened to the last week?

Did God make a mistake? Maybe the Hebrews were let go early> Lets take a biblical week to mean a week of years. From the time of the captivity to Babylon to the birth of Christ , we can count 69 weeks of years to the day. No, let me be more accurate. The death of Christ is 69 weeks of years to the day. Hey, whats 33 years in the scheme of things. So, what happened to the last week? Lets examine the 69 weeks. It’s not hard. No councils needed. No men in costumes required. Before jesus was sacrificed, the world was in what is known as Old Testament times. The moment of Jesus’ death, the veil was rent from top to bottom. We can now approach God ourselves, with no need for intercession by priests, or for animal sacrifice.

The Comforter was given to man. All those who call upon the name of the Lord will be saved. Nothing wavering mind you. Not in vain rituals, but an honest call to be pulled from the gutter. This is called the age of grace. We don’t have to DO anything. Its been done for us, contrary to what religions tell you.

Now, where is this last week?Maybe God forgot about it. No such luck. Let us turn our bibles to Rev chp 4 vrs 1. John was taken to the throne room immediately. Just Bam, one second he was here, then all of a sudden he was in the spirit. This my friends is the rapture. From the first word in Matthew to this sentence was the New Testament times. The age of Grace. Easy salvation. There for the asking. No rituals or costumes needed. Now, take a serious look at Ch 4 to ch 18.

The church, the body of Christ is not mentioned. Take another good look. God is spoken of in his Old Testament names, not the loving good guy of the new testament. Now, I don’t have to point out to all you bible scholars that the time of Jacob’s trouble is a time , times and the dividing of times. This is 3 and a half years. but there is another time, times and the dividing of times, where there is relative calm. Yes, there is nothing but madness during the first 3 and half years, because the Holy Ghost has turned the world back over to Satan.

Add up 3 and a half and 3 and a half, and you mathematicians will get 7. The saved are not all in agreement as to pre or post trib. I think it’s a matter of ego. We still are human. Some saved fancy themselves as fighting it out with Satan, then getting rescued before the Devil lands the punch. Scripture does not support this. The saved are taken out of the way before the man of sin can be revealed. So, we find seven years of tribulation, where the church is gone and God is in his Old Testament clothes. What we see here is a return to Old Testament times. No more easy salvation. The earth is now back in old test times of miracles and destruction from above. Nimrod’s dream of one world religion and rule will now be realized.

People will have to worship the Image. Many are geared for that now. I have the pleasure of talking to them every day. The time is at hand. So, the 70th week is yet to come, but is at the doors. The day of salvation is today. Harden not your heart as in the day of provocation.