I often sit on the cliffs and meditate on the waves as they move towards the shore. They follow each other only to break on the rocks with spectacular beauty. The first picture is taken near Lands End, the other on Paphos Cyprus.

Wherever we travel the effect of the ocean remains constant. Its a source of inspiration, always in movement, even when still. Ripples on the surface reflect the sunlight. 

Every human life is made up of a series of waves following one after the other. Childhood, youth, early adulthood, middle age, and so on until old age and the wave breaks or just quietly dies. Yet waves are only the movment within the mass of water. The essential; volume remains the same. Wave patterns are a motion of energy beneath the water’s surface. Circumstances and events in our lives affect the waves as we journey through time. Some peak early, others crash on the shore breaking only at the very limits.

God sees the entire wave movement of our unique life from birth to death and all that is in between. He gives to our existence an eternal dimension we call soul. Spirit isn’t the same as soul, because it is the operative agent that creates and evokes soul.

At the Incarnation God sent forth his own wave into the sea of humanity, that wave who embraces the entire human race, past, present and future. The very Spirit of God animated the Soul of Christ Jesus which broke at the extreme limits of human endurance at Golgotha, the Place of a Skull. But the death of that wave couldn’t be the end. Through the power of the Spirit it rose up again and its effects have been flowing around  the world ever since that initial impetus of love . Whoever it touches is immediately bathed in its warmth, transformed and united in the Great Sea of God’s life.


St Columba’s Prayer (521 – 597

1. “Columcille fecit.”
Delightful would it be to me to be in Ulster
On the pinacle of a rock,
That I might often see
The face of the ocean;
That I might see its heaving waves
Over the wide ocean,
When they chant music to their Father
Upon the world’s course;
That I might see its level sparkling strand,
It would be no cause of sorrow;
That I might hear the song of the wonderful bar
Source of happiness;
That I might hear the thunder of the crowding
Upon the rocks;
That I might hear the roar by the side of the church
Of the surrounding sea;
That I might see its noble flocks
Over the watery ocean;
That I might see the sea-monsters,
The greatest of all wonders;
That I might see its ebb and flood
In their career;
That my mystical name might be, I say,
Cul ri Erin;
That contrition might come upon my heart
Upon looking at her;
That I might bewail my evils all,
Though it were difficult to compute them;
That I might bless the Lord
Who conserves all
Heaven with its countless bright orders,
Land, strand and flood;
That I might search the books all,
That would be good for my soul
At times kneeling to beloved Heaven-
At times psalm singing;
At times contemplating the King of Heaven
Holy the chief;
At times at work without compulsion
This would be delightful.
At times plucking duilisc from the rocks
At times at fishing;
At times giving food to the poor;
At times in a carcair:
The best advice in the presence of God
To me has been vouchsafed.
The King whose servant I am.

Celtic Cross outside Phillack Church Hayle Cornwall