new-year-fireworks-in-london-ap-816770464My fellow author has wished you all a Happy New Year, so let me add my best wishes to you all for the same.

There is an artificiality about this division, and for most of us, life continues much as it did in 2012, but it offers an occasion for me to thank those of you who have found your way here and who read and don’t comment, as well as those wonderful folk who do comment. The annual report reveals only part of the story of how much I owe to Servus Fidelis, Neo, David Monier-Williams and Tom McEwen, whose comments seem, to me, the real stuff worth reading here.  Then there are my fellow bloggers, Joseph Richardson, and the lovely Laura from whose writing I learn so much, and whose company is so welcome; the marvellous and inspiring yamanknyse, who makes up my Catholic reading. I’d also like to thank Francis Phillips from the Catholic Herald for her encouragement – as well as the ‘gallant click’ (you know who you are) for their support and encouragement.

Blogging is an odd thing, and I have noticed that some of those who started around the time I did, have already had enough, or have decided to blog only occasionally – something I understand all too well; but I miss them and still look in to read some excellent posts. Then, of course, there is the wonderful and irreplaceable Coco J Ginger, whose writing never fails to cheer me up.

Thanks to Neo, I have also got to read some marvellous conservative bloggers: Short Little Rebel always challenges me to link my Christianity with my political instincts, while Dan Miller provides a good perspective on events, even as ‘The Rat‘ is always ‘Right’ in every sense 🙂 .

One of the bloggers whom I read most often, is Lyn Leahz, whose posts are both moving and challenging, and who forces me to think through my presuppositions. She also has some wonderful pictures there – as does the incomparable Accidental Kansan – and sometimes that is just what one needs to cheer one up – lovely photography.

I’d like to thank you all, as the others whom I follow, for your company during 2012, and wish you all a Happy 2013!