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I just want to say something because I think my heart will explode if I don’t, and that is to thank all of you who are commenting. Those comments speak of a generosity of spirit, a love of Christ and a desire to know Him more nearly and love Him more dearly, that by themselves they light a way forward.

It is surely in such a spirit and in such love and such respect for each other that we exhibit whose children we are. I can’t help, naive though I am, but think that if there were more of this expressed by more Christians, then the tide of battle would turn.

My co-author has a great fondness for the Alexandrian poet, Cavafy. I remember him reading this to me many years ago, and it seems apt here and now:


Without consideration, without pity, without shame
they have built great and high walls around me.

And now I sit here and despair.
I think of nothing else: this fate gnaws at my mind;

for I had many things to do outside.
Ah why did I not pay attention when they were building the walls.

But I never heard any noise or sound of builders.
Imperceptibly they shut me from the outside world.