How very kind and thoughtful people can be. As the ‘Watchtower‘ approaches its two month anniversary, two blog friends The Catholic Nomad and The Lonely Pilgrim have both nominated me for the two awards listed below.




– commentator-blog-award

This is so kind of them. Both their blogs are sources of inspiration and information, and I’d recommend them to anyone who likes this one.

I now have to tell you 7 things about myself and nominate others. So here goes:

  1. I am an Anglo-Catholic Anglican
  2. I am an army wife
  3. I make biscuits
  4. My sister is 25 years older than I am
  5. Chalcedon 451 is my brother in law
  6. I am a fan of Liverpool football club
  7. I am a good shot with a rifle

My nominations – assuming I can’t nominate those who nominated me (which I would do like a shot) are:


A wonderful blogger from Nebraska,who not only tells it like it is, but is a fund of information and humour.

Public Catholic
A marvellous and inspirational Catholic politician who lives her faith in the full glare of politics.

Another spiritual pilgrim whose blog is a fund of wisdom and help.

Keri Williams
An inspirational Christian who provokes thought and prayerful reflection.

All far more worthy – and all highly recommended.